Departure: Schiphol Airport
Duration: 02.07.12 till 30.07.13
Transport: Plane, Hitchhiking, Train, Bus
Route: Istanbul, Sofia, Beograd, Budapest, Praha, Berlin, Utrecht
Exhibitions: Istanbul: Holy Coffee, Sofia: +Tova, Budapest: Massolit Bookstore, Praha: Kurator, Berlin: Bass Cadet Records / Down By Retro
Chapter 888
Chapter 8 started at the farthest corner of Europe, in a city that is at home in two continents: Istanbul. We happened to be there while the demonstrations around Taksim square took place, which turned this city into an intense start of our journey. Via Belgrade, Sofia, Budapest, Prague and Berlin we travelled the way we always do: hitchhiking with our camera’s and a briefcase filled with drawing materials. This year we even added a laptop and scanner so we could archive every sold drawing.

Just like last year we aimed to organise one last-minute exhibition in every city we visited. This basically means: wandering around the streets without a map in search of one small shop that we could use as an exhibition space. This one-day experiment was a continous search for the perfect collaboration, while some exhibitions turned into small parties, others looked more like a six hour solo-performance of two guys drawing behind a table.

With our eighth chapter behind us it feels like we're working towards the end of our project. Only two more chapters to go before we reach the final frontier of our hitchhikers galaxy.