Departure: 1st: Aalsmeer Flower Auction (failed) 2nd: Official Hitchhikers Stop Utrecht
Duration: 19.07.12 till 10.08.12
Transport: Hitchhiking
Route: Aalsmeer, Utrecht, Hamburg, Århus, Oslo, Göteborg, Malmö, København, Amsterdam
Exhibitions: Hamburg: 15 x 7 Pigment Store, Hamburg: Mmiës, Oslo: Cappelens Forslag, Göteborg: Viktor's Kaffe, København: Vinyl & Kaffe
Chapter 742
Like previous years, our seventh trip started at the Flower Auction in Aalsmeer, which has become something like a base for our project. But for the third time in a row, we didn't manage to catch a ride abroad. So, when we decided to hitchhike to Hamburg the next day, we also decided that we were done with the Flower Auction.
Just like last year our goal was clear: in each city we gave ourselves one day to find an exhibition space, one day to draw and exhibit and then one day to hitchhike to the next place again. For the first time we shot everything with analogue cameras and even got a bunch of free polaroids from Impossible which helped us out a lot during the five exhibitions we did. All the polaroids we took of people around us could be used the next day. This way our exhibitions were really a reflection of the city we were in through the people we met.