Departure: 1st: Aalsmeer Flower Auction (failed) 2nd: BP Gooiseweg, Amsterdam
Duration: 11.07.11 till 01.08.11
Transport: Hitchhiking
Route: Aalsmeer, Amsterdam, Berlin, Krakow, Vienna, Zürich, Amsterdam
Chapter 6124
Our sixth trip Hadley Apennines was the first trip where we had something of a plan to start with. Although like previous years there was no set route, we knew that in every city we wanted to have at least one exhibition. A year ago, we did our first ‘Last Minute Exhibition’ in a clothing store in Hamburg and we found out that this was an ideal way to work for us. By avoiding galleries we were able to find a place without having to write a plan, organize a meeting or talk budgets, we just walked into a bar, record store or cinema and asked for the manager. In each city we gave ourselves one day to find a place, and one day to do the exhibition. Every exhibition consisted of six hours of live drawing with a small vernissage when all the work was done. In three weeks we did five 'Last Minute Exhibitions' in four cities. Not bad.