2013 - Chapter 8

Chapter 8
Chapter 8 started at the farthest corner of Europe, in a city that is at home in two continents: Istanbul. We happened to be there while the demonstrations around Taksim square took place, which turned this city into an intense start of our journey. Via Belgrade, Sofia, Budapest, Prague and Berlin we travelled the way we always do: hitchhiking with our camera’s and a briefcase filled with drawing materials. This year ... View mission +

2012 - Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Like previous years, our seventh trip started at the Flower Auction in Aalsmeer, which has become something like a base for our project. But for the third time in a row, we didn't manage to catch a ride ... View mission +

2011 - Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Our sixth trip Hadley Apennines was the first trip where we had something of a plan to start with. Although like previous years there was no set route, we knew that in every city we wanted to have at least ... View mission +

2010 - Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Since the last two trips resulted in having exhibitions in Hamburg and Malmö, there was some pressure to do the same trick in 2010. This was hard since the last two exhibitions just happened, without us ... View mission +

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